Selling guns, saving lives

I want to share a story I heard from one of my clients who sold her revolver to me:

A young grandmother kept a handgun to protect herself and her family when they were camping or at home alone. She often left it on her bedside table with rounds beside it, and sometimes left it loaded.

Her three year old grandson was at her house one day and came walking out of the bedroom with the revolver in hand. “Bang! Bang!” he shouted.

No doubt the grandmother’s heart skipped a beat. Thank goodness the gun wasn’t loaded – this time. She called me with this story, ready to remove such a dangerous temptation from her home.

You can’t make this stuff up. Remember, unload them, lock them up, and keep kids far away from your guns, regardless of whether they’re pistols, shotguns, or revolvers.

(Photo:   jadawin42  )

(Photo: jadawin42)

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