Trigger locks - one step closer to safer gun ownership

What kinds of locks are available to gun owners?

Trigger locks are devices designed to prevent a pistol, rifle or other firearm from being accidentally fired while the device is in place. Generally there are two types. One style covers the entire trigger area and physically prevents the trigger from being pulled to discharge the weapon. The second type of trigger lock does not go behind the trigger, but has a cable that goes through the slide or cylinder area to prevent the closure of the breach.

There’s controversy surrounding styles to use and manufacturing standards of trigger locks. While supporters of trigger locks argue that they will save children from gun accidents, critics point to demonstrations showing that some firearm locks can be removed by children with very little force. Many firearms can be discharged if the gun is accidently dropped, so it is important to own firearms that fully disengage the hammer or lock the breach open while being stored.

A trigger lock on a revolver (Photo:   rick  )

A trigger lock on a revolver (Photo: rick)

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