Kids & firearm safety

The number of children unintentionally shot and killed each year in the United States could fill a commercial airliner. In 2003, 102 children and teens under the age of 17 were killed by firearms unintentionally. That was one child every four days. In 2003, an additional 805 children were killed in firearm homicides and 377 took their own lives in suicide-by-firearm.

More than four times this number of children are treated in US emergency rooms each year for non-fatal gunshot wounds. Taken together, these numbers add up to a Columbine massacre over 90 times a year.

To ensure the safety of children and teens, all gun owners should:

  • Unload and lock up all guns
  • Lock and store ammunition separately from the firearms
  • Hide the keys where a child or teen is unable to find them. Better yet, use a safe with a combination and no keys.

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